Brambus BSIN02575546

Kopf, Herbie / Nonet - U.F.O. - Universal Fake Orchestra

We have released several albums with the established Swiss jazz bass player Herbie Kopf over the last ten years and we are very proud to present you herewith his newest project!

Archaeopteryx, Icarus, Zeppelin and Swissair: none survived their final descent. But it's different with U.F.O. - Herbie Kopf Nonet! Conceived of as neither a mayfly nor a fixed star, the vehicle of down-to-earth bassist, and heavenly composer, Herbie Kopf has taken off and landed for the last two years, always with a clear mission and refreshingly stylish energy.

The UFO, and its illustrious crew of nine, hovers elegantly between the giddy heights and plunging depths of the universe. Or, to put it another way: breathtaking solo flights alternate with groovy group manoeuvres and occasional sorties into unheard dimensions of sound. This tight band know how to bring earthy passion and celestial abstraction into harmony, and the net result is an individual and exciting sound.
(original notes by Wilfried Hahne in German, translation: Paul F. Cowlan)
1. Looking for a Flat
2. Antipoden
3. Sporadic Love-Ride
4. Zeppelin 5. Narcotics
6 Silberblick
7. Amoroso
8. Are you Suspicious
9. Maria's Garden
Price: 18,90 EUR