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SolarMariel - Armando's Dance

New at the Brambus-Roster: SolarMariel, Latin-Jazz SolarMariel was founded by latin flute virtuoso Peter Michel in autumn 2001. The quintet’s repertoire is based on modern Latin Jazz with Afro-Cuban and Brasilian influences. SolarMariel have developed a fascinating identity, which makes the group a cultural enrichment to a small country like Switzerland. As such, SolarMariel can compete with other well-known Latin Jazz bands.

“Armando’s Dance” is the band’s first major CD-release. Directed by percussionist Beat von Wattenwyl, “Armando’s dance” is an album, which stands out for its vigorous and broad musicality. The compositions feature crispy latin grooves played by a very solid rhythm section, offering the flute player plenty of support for rhythmic interaction.

Except for three cover versions, SolarMariel mainly play original compositions. The sound consists of rhythms like Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, and other Latin and Funky grooves. In combination with elaborate Jazz harmonies, they capture the audience in a warm, magnetic way.

Compositions by flutist Peter Michel and drummer Abraham Stalder are oriented on contemporary Latin Jazz from overseas, while pianist Dave Scherler’s works consist of Jazz-Pop ballads and funky grooves that remind us of the “Dirty Harry”–movies. The three composers are excellently supported by bass player Marco Rohrbach – a musician who is equally sensitive and solid – and by the strong and emotional play of Beat von Wattenwyl – the band’s experienced percussionist.

We close with the liner notes to the album, given by internationally known percussion player Willy Kotoun:
“SolarMariel are five true fans of Fusion music. On this CD they have set a strong accent on Latin Fusion. Styles from Cuba and Puerto Rico, a pinch of Brasil, and Fusion sounds from the USA are the main ingredients which blend into a succulent stew. The result is a Latin Sound with a crispy „Big Apple“ taste. The piano – conga duet Inspiraciòn adds color the album. Here’s SolarMariel’s first CD. Enjoy!” (Willy Kotoun)

1. leo and the sun
2. amando's dance
3. la luz preciosa
4. my one and only love
5. inspiracion
6. midnight wind
7. corrida de gambas
8. field of lavender
9. springtime
10. xibaba
11. agayu
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