Lineage BSIN02355054

Jones, Hank / Wess, Frank - Hank & Frank

For those who have been fortunate enough to attend their numerous live performances together in recent years, it comes with an enthusiastic sense of relief that Hank Jones and Frank Wess, have at last been paired up in a studio project that has set out to capture the essence of those incredible moments of contemporary jazz history. Indeed , the CD you now hold in your hand may even considerably surpass the expectations of those lucky ones who witnessed this great collaboration in person.
The first three reasons why this is so will be apparent to the aficionado simply upon reading the personnel listing: Roker, Roker, and Roker! As good as the live performances of Hank and Frank have been, only the two nights put on by Lineage Records at Fat Cat in New York City prior to this session have boasted the likes of Mickey Roker in the rhythm section. Together with top New York bass man John Webber, and talented up-and-coming-guitarist Ilya Lushtak, the line up on this CD is sure to live up to the demanding tastes of the most discriminating listener.
Hank Jones (piano), Frank Wess (tenor sax/flute), Mickey Roker (drums), Ilya Lushtak (guitar), John Webber (bass).
9 Tracks. Recorded to 2-track analog at Nola Recording Studios, NYC Nov. 29th, 2003.
Price: 18,90 EUR