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Dudas, Lajos - The Jubilee Box (Unissued & Rare Recordings) (Limited Edition)

He has playing everything - all the way from Swing through Bebop, Jazz-Rock and Fusion to Free-Jazz and so-called E-Music. He showed his infallible musical instinct as "fore-taster" of Ethno-Music, especially at a time when that development was by no means an accepted side-dish on the trolley of musical delicacies. Curiosity about the new, the untested, runs like a golden thraed through the by-now 40-year career of Lajos Dudas.
And yet as frontiersman crossing the borders of style he has always remained wondertully true to himself. He never ever sounds like an imitator - on the contrary: with an instinctive sureness of touch he combines his musical statement with the given material, and the result is pure excitement. Excitement that leads to only one conclusion: Lajos Dudas graces every stage he sets, foot on.
40 years' experience of pertorming and 60 years' experience of life - time to look back - for Dudas himself especially - on a long musical journey. He regards his feeling now for Mainstream Jazz as a challenge. And yet who knows what the next point of departure will be? The only certainly is that nothing is certain.
(Translated by Robert Hughes)
13 Tracks (incl. 4 World Premier Recordings). Recorded 1962-1990s.
1. The Beginning – The 60s/70s – Lajos Dudas, Saxplayer
2. Lajos Dudas Live – The 80s
3. Some Radio Recordings – The 80s/90s

I would like express my thanks to my parents and my wife Reni, for their love and patience; to all the great musicians who were such on inspiration to me; to the journalists and producers for their support, objectivity and fairness, especially Gudrun Endress, Joe Kienemann, Berthold Klostermann, Reinhard Köchl, Manfred Niehaus, Claus Raumberger, Helmut Schwanen, Werner Wunderlich; to Wim van Eyle(Holland), Max Harrison (London), Milo Fine (USA), Klaus Schulz (Vienna); to the sound engineer Ansgar Ballhorn, Volker Dueck and the Sunny Moon Team; to all the fine musians, for playing with me: Janos, Ali, Kurt, Toscho, Philipp ... Attila ... Julius Pischl and Oliver Slota for their help and friendship ... A special thanks to Geza Gabor Simon for his enthusiasm and hard work.
(Lajos Dudas)
"He is sensitiv, inventiv and can really Swing."
Cadence, New York
"Dudas with his conservatory-honed technique, superb tone and sharp imagination is among the best I contemporary jazz clarinetists."
JAZZ, The Magazine, London
"Schon nach wenigen Tonen weiss man: Dieser Mann zahlt zu den besten Jazz-Klarinettisten all er Zeiten.
Jazzthing, Köln
"Die lassige Eleganz, mit der Ungar seine Klarinette singen lasst und die melancholische Warme seines Tons beweisen Weltklasse."
Scala, Stuttgart
"Endlich wieder eine moderne Jazz-Klarinette, die anzuh6ren sich lohnt."
Hör Zu, Hamburg
"Lajos Dudas is obviously a first-rate clarinetists, the level of his playing is extremely high."
Artie Shaw, Los Angeles
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