Arbors Records BSIN02155060 (2 CD-Set)

World's Greatest Jazz Band, The - The World's Greatest Jazz Band: At Manchester's Free Trade Hall 1971 (2 CD-Set)

A rare opportunity to experience a live performance by a classic version of the WGJB, comprising someof the best improvising musicians on the jazz scene, several of whom had been ground breakers from the Thirties. They were all mature and at the top of their game at the time the music on this concert was recorded. As Yank states at the conclusion, "It was a ball!"
Yank Lawson (tp), Billy Butterfield (tp,flh), Ed Hubble (tb), Vic Dickenson (tb), Bob Wilber (cl,ss), Bud Freeman (ts), Ralph Sutton (p), Bob Haggart (b), Gus Johnson Jr. (dr)
22 Tracks. Recorded 1971.
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