Caprice BSIN01984705 (4 CD-Set)

Various Artists - Swedish Jazz 1965-1969

THIS ALBUM CONTAINS more than five hours of the best and most representative Swedish jazz recordings – of several different styles - from the last part of the 60’s. The music includes not only the new and free form jazz of that time but also traditional jazz, swing and even big band music, which had a revival at the end of the decade. Some of the tunes originate from traditional folklore material but there are also original compositions by such musicians as Jan Johansson, Bengt Hallberg, Eje Thelin, Bobo Stenson, Lars Gullin and George Russell, who was living in Sweden during these years. 4 CD - " TRACKS (33 PREVIOUSLY UNISSUED) OF SWEDISH JAZZ RECORDINGS 1965,-1969. BOOK WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY ENCLOSED. The project Swedish Jazz History is a CD series issued by Caprice Records. The research for this is subsidized by the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation and the production is partly financed by the Swedish Council for Cultural Affairs. Our ambition has been to reflect the development of Swedish jazz up to and including the 1960s, and Volume 10, the final album in the series, covers the latter half of that eventful decade. Like its predecessor, Vol. 9 (“Brand new!”), the box contains 4 CDs and a detailed book. As usual, the “jazz archeologists” Jan Bruér and Bengt Nyquist are responsible for the musical selections, this time chosen from no less than approx. 300 hours of music from that period. The total playing time is more than 5 hours. A large part of the recordings have been found in the ample archives of the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation. As many as 33 of the album´s 55 tunes are previously unpublished goodies. The apt layout and the graphic form – for the whole series – was created by Pontus Reuterswärd. As before, it is copiously illustrated, including a number of previously unpublished photos. Volume 10 covers a musically dizzying period, even though the mass media of the time mostly spoke of crisis years. According to trumpeter and then jazz radio head Bosse Broberg, who gives an extensive interview in the book, the 1960s, and especially the latter part, was the real golden age of Swedish jazz! The diversity of color and the great variety were enormous – from modern avant-garde free forms to old-time traditional styles. Swing and big band music had their special revival movements at the end of the decade. All this, a “smorgasbord” of jazz styles, is included in this album. Here is a chance to listen to the whole Swedish jazz elite, as well as soloists new on the scene and prominent orchestras in rural areas in both well-known and little-known recordings. After an agreement with the Swedish Musicians´ Union, SAMI, IFPI, the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation, Swedish Television and other holders of rights, Concerts Sweden/Caprice Records has made a collective contribution for this project to the Jan Johansson Foundation and Thore Ehrling Foundation. At the same time, we would like to thank all the great musicians, solo singers, photographers, writers of texts and other participants for their outstanding efforts!
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