Emarcy BSIN01981381

Mendes, Sergio - Pure Bossa Nova

After being a regular at “Becoa das Garrafas” in Copacabana, Sergio Mendes moved to the United in the mid-60’s, establishing a solid career as a pianist, composer, arranger and even as a singer, triggered by the success of Mas Que Nada, a song by Jorge Ben. Even though he has recorded several musical genres, his roots lie in Bossa Novea with jazzy moods and sophisticated melodies, which can be detected in the smallest details on his records.
Rio de Janeiro, where it all began, is the scenario for the covers of this 12-CD collection.
The best of Bossa Nova, illustrated by the nocturnal and unusual point of view that photographer Milton Montenegro casts on the postcards of his hometown.
14 Tracks. Recorded: 1962-1967.
Price: 10,90 EUR