Nagel Heyer BSIN01793852

Roditi, Claudio / Ignatzek, Klaus / Rassinfosse, Jean-Louis / Trio - Reflections

Featuring Claudio Roditi (trumpet, flugelhorn), Klaus Ignatzek (piano), Jean-Louis Rassinfosse (bass). 11 Tracks. Recorded and mixed on August 25, 26 and 27, 2005 at Dada Studios, Brussels, Belgium. This set features chamber jazz from a top-notch trumpet-piano-bass trio. Trumpeter-flugelhornist Claudio Roditi is mostly the lead voice due to the nature of his instrument, but in reality all three musicians contribute equally to the music's success. In addition to two songs by Dizzy Gillespie (‘Ow!’ and ‘Con Alma’) the repertoire consists of eight originals from pianist Klaus Ignatzek and one from Jean-Louis Rassinfosse. Despite the absence of standards, the sound of the group is reminiscent of the Chet Baker Trio of the 1980s, groups that sometimes included bassist Jean-Louis Rassinfosse. In general this is pleasant easy listening music, even the up-tempo numbers, due to the group's low volume, tasteful playing and melodic improvising. Roditi is often presented on records and in concert as a big band power player but here we have an appealing illustration of the intimate and elegant sides of his musical personality. Nevertheless this is very much a trio of equals with each player listening to the others and developing their ideas and moods. They are all inventive, melodic swingers so their music plays to the head, the heart and the feet. This is an album that is likely to grow on the listener for its honest jazz values. Quotes about the trios prior nagel heyer releases ‘341’ (nh 2028) and ‘Light In The Dark (nh 2047): “Three for One is full of moonlight. For one thing, the combination of bass, piano, and trumpet creates an airy, open feel; for another, the material, all original except for the “Green Dolphin” warhorse, is light and lyrical. … With this trio's impeccable time, and Rassinfosse's strong walking lines, you won't miss the drums. Relaxing and thoughtful and full of genial energy, Roditi's latest is a refreshing change of pace from the usual trio format.” (Dr. Judith Schlesinger) “Trumpeter Claudio Roditi brings an earnest understanding of his Brazilian homeland’s music to the table … it’s exceptionally well done and stands well on its own.” (Todd Jenkins, Down Beat) “Light in the Dark is the second recording from this innovative and engaging trio. In 2003, I reviewed their first Nagel-Heyer release, Three for One (341) ... I really liked their debut CD, and I'm happy to report that this a worthy followup. ... The drum-less format is still airy and light, and the music still intrigues and satisfies. But where the first disc was “full of moonlight,” this one is squarely lit by the sun, revealing somewhat sharper edges and brighter energies. …While Light in the Dark stands tall on its own, it also makes an excellent companion to Three for One – almost the yin to the other's yang. The first is perfect for relaxing on the couch, while this new one helps to finally get off it. Either way, this is consistently delicious music, expertly played.” (Dr. Judith Schlesinger)
Price: 15,90 EUR