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Mayerl, Andy - Mirrorī In

Acoustic Songs between JazzīnīPop - Vocals facing DrumīnīBass - Classical String quartet vs. Electronics. MirrorīIn endeavors to combine Jazz and Pop in a unique, new way. The instrumentation consists of four basic building blocks: the jazz combo, the vocals, the classical string quartet and electronics. The arrangements create special textures by mixing acoustic instruments with modern electronic sounds and driving drum’n’bass rhythms. Among the musicians are strings of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra as well as soul-legend Hubert Tubbs (USA). Andy Mayerl (acoustic and elec. Basses), Christian Wegscheider (piano), Ruediger Eisenhauer (guitars, lapsteel), Gerwin Eisenhauer (drums), Hubert Tubbs (vocals), Stefan Oberthaler (sounddesign), Martin Zalodek ( violin), Barbara Wurnitsch (violin), Elmar Landerer (viola), Ursula Wex (cello). All music composed by Andy Mayerl. 14 Tracks. Total Playing Time: 60:00
Price: 14,50 EUR