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Drewo, Carl - The Genius: My Foolish Heart

In memoriam of one of the greatest European jazz saxophone players. The one and only compilation of his rare solo recordings.
With Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass, Clarke-Boland Big Band, ORF Big Band (Erich Kleinschuster, Fritz Pauer), ORF Big Band (Karl Krautgartner, Fritz Pauer), Das Große ORF Unterhaltungs Orchester (Russell Garcia), Lungau Big Band, On The Road Band, Carl Drewo Quartet. Recorded: 1956 – 1993.
1. Sally O
2. Milkshake
3. Claudia
4. Rosenkavalier
5. Don’t Speak Now
6. Cherokee
7. Für Dagmar
8. My Foolish Heart
9. Anthropology
10. Autumn in New York
11. Come Back to Sorrento
12. La Mucura
13. Gloria
14. Sunshine Night and Day
15. Here’s That Rainy Day
16. Misty
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