Vocalion BSIN01518514 (2 CD-Set)

Kinsey, Tony / Quintet - Introducing.... / 'Jazz at the Flamingo' Session

As the title suggests, “Introducing The Tony Kinsey Quintet” was the first long-playing record made by one of England’s leading modern jazz groups of the 1950s led by drummer, composer, and arranger: Tony Kinsey. The Flamingo Club opened in August 1952 and featured a regulary array of British modern jazz musicians, along with occasional American visitors. Tony Kinsey was a resident attraction at the Flamingo from 1953 and Decca decided to create a club atmosphere by recording the Kinsey Quintet in May 1957, at a live session at “The Railway Arms”, a pub conveniently situated next door to Decca’s West Hampstead studio. The album “Introducing the Tony Kinsey Quintet was recorded at 8, 30 & 31 December 1956, 18 January 1957. The album “Jazz at the Flamingo” Session was recorded at May 16 1957. Featuring Don Rendell (tenor sax), Ronnie Ross (baritone sax), Bill Le Sage (piano & vibes), Pete Blannin (bass), Tony Kinsey (drums). Joe Harriott (alto sax), Bob Efford (tenor sax) only on the “Jazz at the Flamingo” Session.
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