Musica Riservata BSIN01477795 (inkl.Booklet mit 62 Seiten)

Ullreich, Rainer / Die Eipeldauer - Zu ebener Erde und erster Stock (Wiener Tänze und Lieder 1760 - 1860)

Composer: Michael Pamer, Vinzenz Stelzmüller, Johann Baptist Moser, Anton Diabelli, Philipp Hafner, Silberbauer, Ferdinand Kauer

Die Eipeldauer (Rainer Ullreich & Rudolf Hopfner (violin), Tommaso Huber (double bass and bells), Eberhard Kummer (bass and hurdy-gurdy), Manfred Equiluz (tenor), Junko Tsuchiya (pianoforte), Maria Jenner (rope-tensioned drum and friction drum).
Songs of the ballad-singers which were performed in the courtyards of the city as well as dances from the bourgois dance halls and cabaret songs sung to the pianoforte in the back rooms of suburban inns. Many pieces are played here for the first time in two hundred years...
Works by: M. Pamer, V. Stelzmüller, J. B. Moser, A. Diabelli, Ph. Hafner, S. Silberbauer, F. Kauer and unknown authors.
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