Timeless Historical BSIN05085443

Various Artists - The 30s Girls 1932-1940

Featuring Ivie Anderson, Jerry Kruger, Rosetta Crawford, Alberta Hunter, Monette Moore, Amanda Randolph a. o.
1. A shine on your shoes / Lousiana / Hayride
2. You can't tell the difference after dark
3. Second handed man
4. Rhythm for sale
5. Two old maids in a folding bed
6. For sentimental reasons
7. Doin' the suzie-o
8. He may be your man
9. Honey, please don't turn your back on me
10. Please don't talk about my man
11. I've got something in my eye
12. The old plantation
13. All god's chillun got rhythm
14. The bed song
15. So you won't sing
16. I'm tired of fattening frogs for snakes
17. Stop it, Joe
18. My man jumped salty on me
19. Double crossin' Papa
20. Rain, rain go away
21. Summertime
22. The love I have for you 23. My Castle's rockin'
24. Boogie- woogie swing
25. I won't let you down
Released 1995.
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