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Kelly, Wynton / Trio / Montgomery, Wes - Smokin' In Seattle (Live At the Penthouse (1966) With Wes Montgomery)

'Smokin' in Seattle: Live at the Penthouse (1966)' presents previously unreleased live sets by Jazz guitar icon Wes Montgomery with the irrepressibly swinging pianist Wynton Kelly and his trio captured live at the Penthouse in Seattle, WA on April 14 and 21, 1966. Recorded less than a year after Wes and Wynton’s classic 1965 live album 'Smokin’ at the Half Note', which guitarist Pet Metheny calls "the absolute greatest jazz guitar album ever made," 'Smokin' in Seattle' finds the dynamic duo joined by the solid rhythm section of bassist Ron McClure (Charles Lloyd, Joe Henderson) and legendary drummer Jimmy Cobb.
1. There is No Greater Love (8:34)
2. Not a Tear (6:29)
3. Jingles (4:37)*
4. What's New (4:53)*
5. Blues In F (2:44)*
6. Sir John (8:56)
7. If You Could See Me Now (5:56)
8. West Coast Blues (4:02)*
9. O Morro (6:15)*
10. Oleo (2:08)*
* (with Wes Montgomery)
Released 2017.
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