Yellowbird BSIN04745841

Liebman, Dave / Porter, Lewis - Surreality (Feat. Marc Ribot, Brad Jones, Chad Taylor)

Liebman is considered a renaissance man in contemporary music with a career stretching over forty years. He has played with many of the masters including Miles Davis, Chick Corea, John McLaughlin and others. What makes "Surreality" different from his many other releases is the sheer intensity created by the meeting with Marc Ribot, Brad Jones, Chad Taylor and Lewis Porter. An uncompromising tribute to the masters - featuring tracks by Coltrane, Ayler and Coleman/Metheny alongside new compositions.
1. Oliver
2. Untitled free ballad 1
3. Omega is the alpha / Ghosts
4. Trigonometry
5. Surreality
6. Untitled free ballad 2
7. Get me back to the apple
8. Alabama
Released 2012.
Price: 11,90 EUR