Origin BSIN03853624

Yahel, Sam / Trio - From Sun To Sun

Sam Yahel (piano, hammond b3 organ), Matt Penman (bass), Jochen Rueckert (drums)
1. 2 Pilgrims (5:16)
2. After The Storm (1:55)
3. Saba (6:39)
4. A Beautiful Friendship (6:01)
5. One False Move (5:54)
6. From Sun To Sun (6:14)
7. Blink And Move On (2:11)
8. Toy Balloon (7:16)
9. By Hook Or By Crook (6:03)
10. Git It (6:11)
11. So In Love (5:04)
12. Prelude (2:27)
13. Taking A Chance On Love (6:51)
Recorded in Brooklyn, NY, May 23rd & 24th, 2010.
Released 2011.

“The music is fluid, flexible, all parts running together, the groove overwhelming.”
-New York Times

After establishing himself as one of the world's foremost organists over the last decade, Sam Yahel showed off a new side in 2009 with a critically acclaimed piano trio recording that highlighted his broad musical interests and the dynamic interplay of his seasoned band. Now in their tenth year, bassist Matt Penman and drummer Jochen Rueckert again join Yahel as he engages with both the Hammond B3 and piano for an inspired album of fresh originals, and classics including "So in Love" and "A Beautiful Friendship." "...as elegant as anything you've ever heard from an organist. Larry Young would be proud."
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