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Cunha, Fernanda - Brasil Canadá

This CD project is a unique fusion of Brazilian and Canadian music and culture. Brazilian singer Fernanda Cunha on vocals plus quartet plays bossa nova, jazz and sambas from both countries.
Fernanda Cunha (vocals), Ricardo Rito (piano), Mike Lent (bass), Sandro Dominelli (drums)
Special guest:
Zé Carlos (guitar), Sueli Costa (piano)
1. Dreamland (Joni Mitchell) (4:34)
2. O Primeiro Jornal (Sueli Costa, Abel Silva) (3:32)
3. Candy (Mack David, Joan Whitney, Alex C. Kramer) (2:56)
4. Pescador (Marcio Hallack) (4:02)
5. Pacing the Cage (Bruce Cockburn) (4:41)
6. Quanto Tempo Faz (Mike Lent, Fernanda Cunha) (4:06)
7. Ultimo Desejo (Noel Rosa) (3:19)
8. Some of These Days (Shelton Brooks) (3:17)
9. Amanheceu (Ricardo Rito, Luiz Sergio Henriques, Fernanda Cunha) (2:40)
Released 2009.
Genre: Jazz: Bossa Nova

Fernanda Cunha about this CD:
I came to Canada for the first time in 2005, to perform at the Yardbird Suite in Edmonton, with Ricardo Rito, Mike Lent, and Sandra Dominelli. Since then, I've been touring in Canada once a year, enjoying the the opportunity to see different and wonderful cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Kamloops, and Pentictan, among others. ] fell in love with Canada on my first trip. It's a beautiful and generous country which welcomes all kinds of culture, people, and differences. I have been so well treated by canadian audiences, and feel so pleased to sing for them, so I decided to do a new project to express my Jove and gratitude to Canada and its people. The best way for me to do that is through my music, so I brought together brazilian and canadian music and musicians with an affinity for both kinds of music.
It was a delightful experience to research the canadian repertoire and discover old pearls like "Candy" and "Some of These Days," and also a Joni Mitchell samba, "Dreamland," and Bruce Cockburn's beautiful song "Pacing the Cage." The brazilian songs complement the canadian songs so naturally, and I am fortunate in recording songs written by friends of mine, including Marcia Hallack, Ricardo Rita (lyrics co-written by Luiz Sergio Henriques and me), Sueli Costa and Abel Silva, and also a famous Brazilian songwriter of the '30's, Noel Rosa. There is also another co-written song on the CD, composed by Mike Lent with lyrics written by me.
My fellow musicians were key in making this project happen. Mike Lent co-produced, with me, our recording sessions in his studio, and he put all his musicality, devotion and love into it. Ricardo added his musicianship, energy, and understanding of my soul, to the music. Sandra brought all his talent, Latin heart, and friendship. I'm very glad to have this trio playing with me on this CD. I also invited two special guests: Ze Carlos, a great brazilian guitarist, plays on some tracks, and Sueli Costa accompanies me on piano for a duo track. Sueli is also my aunt, godmother and best friend.
I hope you enjoy our music.
Fernanda Cunha
Price: 17,90 EUR