Challenge BSIN03409593

Hobbs, Steve / Quartet - Vibes, Straight Up

Although I have spent a lot of time in Boston, Miami, Denver and Queens (New York), I was born and raised in Raleigh. I left when I was 18 and came back when I was 32 in 1988. All along, I have watched the South change from a narrow minded area to a very progressive area in a 52 year span of time...hopefully the way I have arranged these traditional songs, will show both the tradition of where jazz and the South have come, to more of the changing global/metro direction in which they are rapidly moving....Old or new, it's mostly southern tunes, with a New York flavor. Enjoy the ride!"
Steve Hobbs (vibes), Bill O’Connell (piano), Peter Washington (bass), John Riley (drums).
1. Cherokee (6:27)
2. Hey good lookin (6:09)
3. Stars fell on Alabama (6:34)
4. St. James infirmary (6:09)
5. The woody the woodpecker song (5:15)
6. Shenandoah (6:06)
7. The old rugged cross (6:05)
8. What a difference a day makes (5:29)
9. Wade in the water (5:28)
Released 2009.
Price: 18,90 EUR