Pannon Jazz BSIN03116527

Szekszárd Jazz Quartet - Classic Line

Composer: J.S. Bach, Brubeck, Chopin, Debussy, Gruber, Kelemen-Beres, Kelemen-Soponyai, Milhaud, Ravel

István Hullin (piano), Endre Kelemen (vibes), János Béres (bass guitar), József Soponyai (drums).
1. Valse Op.64. No.2. (Frederic CHOPIN) Arranged by I. Hulin (5:50)
2. Italian Concert - Allegro moderato (Johann Sebastian BACH) Arranged by I. Hulin (5:03)
3. Blue Rondo A La Turk (Dave BRUBECK) (8:13)
Lullaby Bagatell (based on traditional) Arranged by E. (5:45)
Pavane For A Dead Princess (Maurice RAVEL) Arranged by E. Kelemen & I. Hulin (7:03)
Waves Of The Lake Balaton (based on Hungarian folk) Arranged by E. Kelemen & J. Soponyai (10:58)
Clair De Lune (Claude DEBUSSY) Arranged by E. Kelemen & J.Beres (5:40)
X'Mas '88 (based on J.MOHR-F. X. GRUBER's "Stille Nacht") Arranged by I. Hulin (4:50)
Brazileira - "Scaramouche": Mov. de Samba (Darius MILHAUD) Arranged by E Kelemen .. (5:02)
Alla Barocca (Endre KELEMEN & Janos BERES) (4:48)
Orinoco Fall (Endre KELEMEN & József SOPONYAI) (6:07)
Recorded at SzJQ-EWS-Studio, Szekszárd, January 1999.
Released 1999.

The musical material of this 9th record of SzJQ is based first on classic compositions' arrangements and on "classic" traditional or folklore-like tunes. The program starts with Frederic CHOPIN's "Valse Op.64. No.2." But this arrangement sounds first in a 4/4, a true waltz appears only in some parts of the melody. The "Allegro moderato" movement from J. S. BACH's "Italian Concert" is similar to the original with a swinging character.
Jazz classic is represented by Dave BRUBECK's famous "Blue Rondo a la Turk" It's probably the first adaptation for vibe-quartet (thanks to Géza Gábor Simon's initiative). "Lullaby Bagatell" is based on a well known traditional.
The leading melody of Maurice RAVEL's "Pavane .. " arranged in a moderate bossanova rhytm, returns in the last part as an "Adagio maestoso" Coda.
A hungarian folk-like song ("Waves of the Lake Balaton") arranged in a varying 5/4-4/4 rhythm is introduced by an exciting drum solo. It's a painting of the stormy weather over the lake.
An adaptation of the leading part of Claude DEBUSSY's "Clair de lune" preserves the lyric, impressionistic character of the original. Just 1 0 years ago, the Quartet played (beside the "Lullaby Bagatell") the adaptation of the well known "Stille Nacht" (written by FX.GRUBER, in 1818), titled here 'Xmas '88", on a Christmas concert. Both of tunes were refreshed and now recorded.
Darius MILHAUD's "Brazileira" (Mov. de Samba) from the "Scaramouche"(written for two pianos) has also originally a fast, latin rhythm and -like many other compositions of the author- contains a lot of jazz elements.
"Alla barocca" - a moderate, quiet and simple waltz with a character signed by the title.
The only piece on this CD without a "classic base" is the samba-like "Orinoco Fall", composed by the Quartet.
"Classic Line" represents well the stylic, rhytmic characteristics and compositional, musical conception of the Szekszárd Jazz Quartet.
Recorded at the "SzJQ-EWS"-Studio, Szekszárd, Hungary, January 1999, preserving as well as possible the natural sound of instruments, avoiding any technical tricks or manipulations.
Sound and recording: János BÉRES. Musical consultant: Gyula TOMPA.
Price: 13,90 EUR