Dreyfus BSIN03069160

Hoenig, Ari - Bert's Playground

Bertís Playground shows the drummer Ari Hoenig flexing his compositional prowess, in addition to his monsterous skills as a drummer. Known for a cut-up, eclectic stylistic approach to his instrument, Ari's compositions employ a similar diversity and humor. - An extremely accessible album to jazz traditionalists and progressives alike. An enjoyable listen, with great depth, and unbelievable playing. - Featuring a guest Chris Potter on sax.
Ari Hoenig (drums), Chris Potter (sax), Jonathan Kreisberg (guitar), Matt Penman (bass), Will Vinson (sax), Gilad Hekselman (guitar), Orlando LeFleming (bass)
1. Moment's notice
2. The way you look tonight
3. Seraphic
4. Ramilson's brew
5. 'Round midnight
6. Fall
7. Bert's playground
8. For Tracy
9. Green spleen
10. Embraceable you
Released 2008.
Price: 20,50 EUR